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The Most Controversial Moments in Sports

The Most Controversial Moments in Sports

Oregonsportshall.com – Sports have been around for centuries, and with that comes a long list of controversial moments. From controversial calls to cheating scandals, here are some of the most controversial moments in sports history.

1. The Hand of God Goal in the 1986 World Cup

The Hand of God goal is arguably the most controversial goal in the history of sports. It occurred in the 1986 World Cup between Argentina and England. The goal was scored by Diego Maradona and was initially awarded to him by the referee, despite being clearly handballed. The goal was eventually allowed to stand and Argentina went on to win the World Cup.

2. The 1972 Olympic Basketball Final

The 1972 Olympic basketball final between the United States and the Soviet Union is considered one of the most controversial moments in Olympic history. With just seconds remaining in the game and the Soviets leading by one point, the Americans were awarded a controversial foul call which led to two made free throws and a 51–50 victory for the United States.

3. The Marge Schott Controversy

The Marge Schott controversy of the 1990s was one of the most publicized scandals in sports. Schott was the owner of the Cincinnati Reds and was accused of making a series of racially charged and insensitive statements. She was eventually forced to sell the team and was banned from Major League Baseball for life.

4. The Deflategate Scandal

The Deflategate scandal of 2015 was one of the most controversial moments in the NFL in recent memory. It involved the New England Patriots being accused of intentionally deflating footballs in order to gain an advantage over the Indianapolis Colts. The controversy resulted in a four-game suspension for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and the team being fined $1 million.

5. The Steroid Scandal in Major League Baseball

The steroid scandal in Major League Baseball is one of the biggest controversies in sports history. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, a number of players were accused of using performance-enhancing drugs in order to gain an edge on the field. The scandal eventually led to an investigation by the federal government and a number of suspensions and fines for players involved in the scandal.


Controversy is an unfortunate part of sports, and these five examples are just a few of the most controversial moments in sports history. While these moments may not have been pleasant to witness, they are a reminder of the importance of fairness and integrity in sports.