The Greatest Game-Winning Shots in Sports

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Sports are all about moments of glory and the defining moments, when fans and players alike will never forget. Game-winning shots in particular stand out, where a player takes it upon themselves to step up and make a shot, play or goal that will seal the game and either grant victory or snatch it away at the last possible moment. In this article, we will take a look at some of the greatest game-winning shots in sports history, from buzzer-beaters in basketball to heroic home runs in baseball.

Christian Laettner’s Buzzer-Beater (1992)

Christian Laettner's Buzzer-Beater (1992)

The 1992 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament had one of the most incredible buzzer-beaters of all time. In the Elite Eight, the Duke Blue Devils faced the Kentucky Wildcats. With 2.1 seconds to go, Duke was trailing 103–102. Duke inbounded the ball to Grant Hill who then found Christian Laettner in the corner, who then hit the famous game-winning shot as time expired. The shot is remembered as one of the most iconic in NCAA history.

Michael Jordan’s Buzzer-Beater (1998)

Michael Jordan's Buzzer-Beater (1998)

Michael Jordan is known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time and his game-winning shot against the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals is no exception. With 5.2 seconds left and the score tied at 86–86, Jordan received the ball from teammate Scottie Pippen and drove to the basket. With 0.5 seconds left, Jordan released the shot and sank it, giving the Bulls the win and their sixth NBA championship.

Brett Favre’s “Heave” (2008)

Brett Favre's "Heave" (2008)

In 2008, Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers faced the Denver Broncos in a wild card game that was tied at 24–24. With 6 seconds left, Favre scrambled out of the pocket and threw a 50-yard Hail Mary pass that was caught by Greg Jennings in the endzone for a touchdown, giving the Packers the win. The play is widely considered one of the greatest in NFL history.

Kris Bryant’s Home Run (2016)

Kris Bryant's Home Run (2016)

In 2016, the Chicago Cubs faced the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. With the score tied 6–6 in the 10th inning, Kris Bryant stepped up to the plate and hit a solo home run to give the Cubs the win and their first championship in 108 years. The home run is remembered as one of the most iconic in baseball history.


Game-winning shots are both thrilling and iconic moments in sports history that will never be forgotten. From Christian Laettner’s buzzer-beater in the 1992 NCAA Tournament to Kris Bryant’s home run in the 2016 World Series, these moments are some of the greatest and most memorable in sports history.