The Unbelievable Career of Arnold Palmer

1 min read – Arnold Palmer is a name that is synonymous with golf. He is known as one of the greatest golfers of all time, and his career is nothing short of remarkable. From humble beginnings to becoming a legend in the sport, Palmer’s journey is one that inspires and captivates. In this article, we will take a closer look at the unbelievable career of Arnold Palmer and the legacy he has left behind.

The Unbelievable Career of Arnold Palmer

The Unbelievable Career of Arnold Palmer


Arnold Palmer was one of the most iconic golfers in history. He was not only a great player on the course but also a pioneer off it. He revolutionized the game of golf and became one of the most beloved figures in sports. His career spanned over five decades, and he won numerous championships and awards along the way. In this article, we will take a closer look at the incredible career of Arnold Palmer.

Early Life and Career

Arnold Palmer was born on September 10, 1929, in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. His father was the head professional and greenskeeper at the Latrobe Country Club, where Arnold grew up playing golf. He attended Wake Forest University on a golf scholarship, but his amateur career was put on hold when he served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1951 to 1953.

Professional Career

Arnold Palmer turned professional in 1954 and won his first professional tournament, the Canadian Open, the same year. He went on to win his first major championship, the U.S. Open, in 1960. He won a total of seven major championships, including four Masters titles, two British Opens, and one U.S. Open.

Arnold Palmer was known for his aggressive style of play and his ability to come from behind to win tournaments. He was also known for his charisma and his ability to connect with fans. He became one of the first sports figures to develop a large following outside of his sport.


Arnold Palmer’s legacy extends far beyond his accomplishments on the golf course. He was a philanthropist who raised millions of dollars for charity throughout his life. He also designed and built golf courses around the world, and his company, Arnold Palmer Enterprises, became a successful business venture.

Arnold Palmer passed away on September 25, 2016, at the age of 87. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest golfers of all time and as a true ambassador for the sport.


Arnold Palmer’s career was truly unbelievable. He was a trailblazer who paved the way for future generations of golfers. His impact on the sport will be felt for years to come, and his legacy will continue to inspire fans and players alike.

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